Category: Pre-Production

  • The Burger

    The Burger

    STATUS: PRE-PRODUCTION RELEASE DATE: TBC Burger bar date goes bad for school’s A/V Nerd and hot cheerleader, when they voluntarily enlist the urgent help of Ask Nigella taxi after their date goes bad. The service delivers the two teenagers into the mouth of impending doom. CAST Jade Goodal (played by) Clarissa Hagan Nick (played by) […]

  • The Bluey

    The Bluey

    STATUS: PRE-PRODUCTION RELEASE DATE: TBC A young guy named Drew Bunton is playing knock down ginger with his friends when a certain door opens to his knock to reveal a bicycle in the doorway of a mansion. Drew begins to suspect the bike has been bewitched when he begins hearing voices and begins to think […]

  • Death Box

    Death Box

    STATUS: PRE-PRODUCTION RELEASE DATE: TBC Death Box is the follow up episode from ‘The Bluey’. Drew, who is now extremely tormented as a result of his singular encounter with Vishan Blake’s spirit, decides to track down her perpetrator. Drew agrees to use a “death box” mentioned in the journal of Felix Bardwell, a former patient […]

  • The Radio

    The Radio

    STATUS: PRE-PRODUCTION RELEASE DATE: TBC Hugh McGraw, a young crippled guy, is assisting another disabled man in the same plan. He hands him a radio and informs him that his deceased buddy gave it to him with orders to burn it, but he prefers that he have it. Hugh picks up the radio, which instantly […]

  • The Armchair

    The Armchair

    STATUS: PRE-PRODUCTION RELEASE DATE: TBC A middle aged couple move into a new house and discover an old armchair about to be taken away by the moving men. Quincy decides to buy the armchair from the moving man, which sets up a domino effect of weird occurrences connected to the armchair that begin to spiral […]

  • The Passport

    The Passport

    STATUS: PRE-PRODUCTION RELEASE DATE: TBC While on an airplane ready to depart to a holiday destination. Larry is requested by the flight attendant to show his passport and bag contents. The flight attendant then informs Larry that he’s not the person on the passport photo. Larry, looks at the passport person again, he’s stunned that […]