The Estate Agent

Categorised as Horror

Hello friends. During lockdown we made a very short Supernatural film for you.

An Estate Agent receives a call that builders have stopped work at a property. The Agent promptly investigates to find the cause.

Due to Covid restrictions, we had no cast or crew. Incredibly, just two people were involved in making this short film, undertaking every task to produce it. With Social distancing on set and remote collaboration during post production. Please enjoy and share.

Keith: NJ Parkin
Matt: Leo Baker
Crying Women: Heather Wright
Polish Builders: NJ Parkin

Directed & Produced by
Leo Baker & NJ Parkin

Written by
Leo Baker & NJ Parkin

Leo Baker

Music Score
NJ Parkin

Post Production
Leo Baker

Sound Design
Leo Baker

Audio Mix
Leo Baker & NJ Parkin

Remote Dialogue Recording
NJ Parkin

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