STATUS: IN Production

Mary Claremont-Warren is voluntarily providing intensive therapy to a troubled man called Felix Bardwell. Quite the maverick and sinister patient, Felix recalls his rambling psychological mishaps in great detail to his frankly concerned therapist. She seeks to make sense of all of the remarkable combinations of lively anecdotes and lived experiences from Felix to inexplicably find that something out of the ordinary seems to be glaring out at her in her day to day life the closer she comes to understanding Bardwell and begins to find out the undeniable truth about him in regard to her own apparent spiralling mental condition amid strange occurrences at work and home.


Mary Claremont-Warren (played by) Clare McQuillan

Felix Bardwell (played by) Patricio Meneses-Carrington


Director: Kaleb Roe

Written by: Leo Baker, Patricio Meneses-Carrington and Clare McQuillan

Music Score: Lore Beak and Don Skeleton