The Final Goodbye


Jake, William two brothers in their fifties, along with Jake’s wife Sarah. They are on a car journey to scatter the brother’s late mother’s ashes. As their car breaks down in the wilderness, frustration consumes Jake, sparking a heated argument with William, while Sarah desperately tries to restore peace and stability between the feuding brothers. In the desolate surroundings, a chilling realisation dawns upon them, they are trapped in a dead zone, cut off from any hope of rescue. Their desperate quest for aid leads them to an enigmatic mansion, where the mysterious Brad awaits with unsettling secrets. As tensions escalate and long-held truths unravel, the trio stands on the precipice of a haunting choice: continue their path or embark on a bone-chilling odyssey into their mother’s legacy, lured by Brad’s seductive promise to bridge the dark chasm between the living and the spirit world.


Jake (played by) Peter Irving

William (played by) To Be Announced

Sarah (played by) To Be Announced

Brad Thorton (played by) To Be Announced


Director: Kaleb Roe and Patricio Meneses-Carrington

Written by: Leo Baker and Patricio Meneses-Carrington

Music Score: Lore Beak and Don Skeleton