The Ticket


In the depths of an ordinary housing estate, Harry, a former custodian of public refuse, stumbles upon a locked holdall amidst the forsaken debris, concealing forbidden treasures a glimpse of ill-gotten wealth, the spectral remnants of children’s workbooks brimming with forgotten secrets, and an invitation to an exclusive enclave. Drawn by the allure of the unknown, he ventures into the dimly illuminated domain of the club, encountering the ethereal Pipp and the enigmatic host, Mr. Franc Touches, whose veiled enigma shrouds the dark tapestry of secrets. As Harry delves deeper, he unravels the unsettling truth about Pipp’s missing sister and the sinister forces entangling her fate with the club’s macabre past. In this realm of treachery and terror, he becomes a pawn caught in the malevolent orchestration, desperately fighting for survival amidst the mesh of duplicity and foreboding.


Harry (played by) To Be Announced

Pipp (played by) To Be Announced

Franc Touches (played by) To Be Announced


Director: Kaleb Roe and Patricio Meneses-Carrington

Written by: Leo Baker, Patricio Meneses-Carrington

Music Score: Lore Beak and Don Skeleton