Independent, Not For Profit Community Based Film Making

This enables passionate people, outside of the traditional filmmaking community. Efficiently to produce independent movies and chronicle their extraordinary stories. Taking the audience through a visual cinematic journey of discovery through the mind’s eye.

Film & Episodic Drama

Cinematic film storytelling, creating memorable, thought provoking drama. Through riveting characters, extraordinary situations, inside crafted worlds where the remarkable stories takes place.

Production Frequency

Generally speaking 6 months per film. Careful storyline and character development. Combined with film story telling techniques.


100% Micro/Zero Budget film production. Allowing freedom of expression, total creative control, throughout the entire film making process. Everyone’s story matters. A movie that will make a difference!


“Blimey!! The Estate Agent short film was really scary! Congratulations on a job well done. The suspense and sinister music is absolutely brilliant and a very spine-chilling storyline. It’s fantastic!”

Jack Hoskins, Actor

“Put a Motion picture camera into Leo’s hands and you get Magic.”

Beatrice Brown, Movie Actress ‘Mouth to Mouth’

“Leo, you are one of the nicest person’s, that I have met in film!”

Adel Antabli, Film Director

“Thanks so much for all your help!”

Erol Sabadosh, Award Winning Music Producer/DJ

“Brilliant filming of Steve Strange’s event at The Face”

Gary Kemp, Singer, Songwriter, Musician for Spandau Ballet, film & television Actor