Sync Films

Independent, Not For Profit Community Based Filmmaking

Everyone’s Story Matters. Our films strive to make a difference.

“Sync Films” was born as a personal project during Leo’s time at WAC Weekend Arts College in 2002, initially serving as a working title for our budding filmmaking collective. However, it quickly evolved into something more significant. It became the unifying umbrella under which our fellow filmmakers, whom we studied alongside, came together. This name not only marked our collective identity but also symbolised our journey as filmmakers from the classroom to the creation of our independent films and collaborative endeavours. “Sync Films” encapsulates the spirit of our dedication to both the craft of filmmaking. It’s a name that carries the legacy of our growth and collective purpose, telling our story as filmmakers.

Meet The Filmmakers

Sync Films is the result of a dynamic partnership between Leo Baker, recognised as the Weekend Art’s College student of the Year, and Patricio Meneses-Carrington, a celebrated writer and poet who has earned the prestigious Camden Award. Leo’s filmmaking finesse and Patricio’s exceptional storytelling talent come together in this collaboration.

But it’s not just about filmmaking; it’s about shared dedication to autism advocacy. Leo and Patricio are actively involved in the Camden Autistic Adult Advisory Group and the Camden Autism Co-Researcher Group. This deep commitment to autism awareness and inclusion permeates our work.

Inspired by their own journeys within the autism spectrum, Leo and Patricio craft scripts that ring true to life. Their unique blend of personal experiences and creative skills transforms imaginative concepts into captivating cinematic experiences, infusing our films with emotional depth and relatability.



“Our genuine interest is to passionately create independent dramas of both short and feature length film. Forging longtime collaborations with other film makers, creatives and principal actors”

We want to make this crystal clear: We’re 100% independent and self-funded, operating on a micro-to-no budget to support our filmmaking projects. Our dedication and commitment to our craft are unwavering. We don’t rely on nepotism or political correctness to advance our work. Instead, we’re here to provide opportunities for those often overlooked in the industry.

Furthermore, our filmmaking doesn’t aim for financial gains. We personally invest in every aspect, ensuring complete financial autonomy. This safeguards our creative process from external influences, allowing us to authentically realize our distinctive vision. Most importantly, our projects are crafted with absolute neutrality, free from any political bias, preserving our unwavering commitment to artistic integrity.

Cast and crew filmmaking rehearsal.
A thrilling scriptwriting session with Patricio and film volunteer Clare McQuillan come together to unleash their creativity and bring their ideas to fruition!
An electrifying collaboration of creative minds, made even more powerful by the presence of the late Somaya, who passionately contributed her valuable insight and knowledge from the arts and writing, ensuring that her spirit lives on in Sync Films’ work.
Patricio, lending his expertise on the film set, aids in guiding others through the intricacies of filmmaking production.

Filmmaking Volunteer and project appreciation

We collaborate on creative projects, welcoming individuals with a passion for filmmaking and positive mindsets.

“At my age, having never been involved in film, becoming a contributing writer and bringing ideas to projects to being able to act in them was an exhilarating experience.”

Clare McQuillan

Filmmaking Volunteer

“I felt welcome and my enthusiasm was enlightened by the team I have collaborated with. I would join the crew on set at a specific time and location, where then I would pre-plan my notes for the shoot. Working with creative minds helped me graduate my professional experience and enable me to develop a similar mindset.”

Nassim Rahmane

Script Supervisor Volunteer

“Blimey Leo!! The Estate Agent short film was really scary! Absolutely brilliant and a very spine-chilling storyline. It’s fantastic!”

Jack Hoskins

Actor son of Bob Hoskins

Join Filmmaking Projects

If you would like to join community-based filmmaking projects. collaborate with passionate individuals outside the traditional filmmaking community, regardless of educational background or any disabilities. Key role positions are available to gain experience in acting, script writing, camera work, lighting, directing, producing, or editing.