Sync Films Independent, Not For Profit Community Based Filmmaking

Everyone’s Story Matters. Our films strive to make a difference.

Sync Films independent Filmmaking is led by student of the year Weekend Art’s College Filmmaker Leo Baker and Camden Award Winning Writer and Poet Patricio Meneses-Carrington. As members of the Camden Council Autism Partnership board and Autism Research group, they are dedicated to raising awareness of autism and promoting inclusivity and acceptance. Growing up with autism themselves, filmmaking has been a deeply personal journey for them. With their personal experiences as fuel, filmmaking becomes a transformative outlet, empowering creative expression and profound connections.


“Our genuine interest is to passionately create independent dramas of both short and feature length film. Forging longtime collaborations with other film makers, creatives and principal actors”

It is crucial to highlight that our independent film production is 100% self-funded and not affiliated with major studios. We don’t make any money from our films. Everything is funded by us. We have more creative freedom and flexibility to bring our unique vision to the screen without any outside biases or limitations. And, we make sure there’s no political bias in our projects.

Photos from Filmmaking workshops

Through our inclusive productions, community-based filmmaking provides a stepping stone for filmmaking volunteers, regardless of their educational background or disabilities, to get involved in the creation of our productions. This involvement unleashes valuable experience in the movie-making process.

Brian, a film volunteer, draws inspiration from his favorite movie “Escape from Alcatraz.” He is fascinated by the movie’s gripping storyline and is using it as a reference to create his unique vision. He is enthusiastic about bringing his ideas to life.

Leo on the film set of Adel Antabli’s graduation film ‘The Homeless and the Homeful’.

Clare and Patricio rehearsing the supernatural short film entitled ‘The Cat’. Sam is directing one of the scenes and listening through his headphones to the dialogue of the actors.

A thrilling scriptwriting session with Patricio and film volunteer Clare McQuillan come together to unleash their creativity and bring their ideas to fruition!

An electrifying collaboration of creative minds, made even more powerful by the presence of the late Somaya, who passionately contributed her valuable insight and knowledge from the arts and writing, ensuring that her spirit lives on in Sync Films’ work.

Filmmaking Volunteer and project appreciation

We collaborate on creative projects, welcoming individuals with a passion for filmmaking and positive mindsets.

“At my age, having never been involved in film, becoming a contributing writer and bringing ideas to projects to being able to act in them was an exhilarating experience.”

— Clare McQuillan, Filmmaking Volunteer

“Thank you for your help, Leo! You’re one of the nicest persons, that I have met in film!”

— Adel Antabli, Film Director

“Put a Motion picture camera into Leo’s hands and you get Magic.”

— Beatrice Brown, Movie Actress

“I felt welcome and my enthusiasm was enlightened by the team I have collaborated with. I would join the crew on set at a specific time and location, where then I would pre-plan my notes for the shoot. Working with creative minds helped me graduate my professional experience and enable me to develop a similar mindset.”

— Nassim Rahmane, Script Supervisor Volunteer

“Blimey Leo!! The Estate Agent short film was really scary! Absolutely brilliant and a very spine-chilling storyline. It’s fantastic!”

— Jack Hoskins, Actor son of Bob Hoskins