Independent, Not For Profit Community Based Film Making

My name is Leo, and I’m an independent filmmaker that has spent my whole life fascinated by the moving picture and the joy that movies bring as well as helping people cope.

Growing up with autism movie making has faithfully delivered sustainable peace as well as develop social skills and learn to interact with people in multiple ways, I overwhelmingly believe the movie-making field should be more welcoming to everyone regardless of their educational background or any disabilities.

Throughout the years I have typically seen that some disadvantaged people are genuinely interested in the independent movie making process, but they have never been allowed to participate.

I sincerely hope to realistically achieve a successful project where those involved will be able to generously share a focused outcome as well as promising prospects, as well as local employment opportunities (voluntary).

This enables passionate people with positive creative mindsets, outside the traditional film making community, to efficiently produce independent films.

Everyone’s story matters. A completed movie which will make a difference.

Film Episodic Drama

Thought-provoking film drama to take the audience on a cinematic journey of discovery through the mind’s eye.

Production Frequency

The filmmaking process will take approx 6 months which will be broken down into chunks i.e. ideas, Script development, Pre production, Casting, Rehearsals, Principal Photography and Post Production along with Advertisement.


100% Micro/Zero Budget Independent film production. Which allows non-political bias and freedom throughout the entire film making process.

“Blimey Leo!! The Estate Agent short film was really scary! Congratulations on a job well done. The suspense and sinister music is absolutely brilliant and a very spine-chilling storyline. It’s fantastic!”

Jack Hoskins, Actor

“Thank you for your help, Leo. you are one of the nicest persons, that I have met in film!”

Adel Antabli, Film Director

“Put a Motion picture camera into Leo’s hands and you get Magic.”

Beatrice Brown, Movie Actress ‘Mouth to Mouth’

“Brilliant filming of Steve Strange’s event at The Face.”

Gary Kemp, Songwriter, Spandau Ballet, Film & Television Actor