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  • Models Wanted

    Models Wanted

    STATUS: PRE-PRODUCTION RELEASE DATE: TBC Dakota and Mimi, two exceptionally talented teenagers, find themselves scouted by a prominent fashion agency in London, propelling them into the exciting world of fashion modeling. As they embark on this thrilling journey, their friendship faces the challenges of jealousy and insecurity. Dakota relentlessly pursues his aspirations amidst the irresistible […]

  • The Final Goodbye

    The Final Goodbye

    STATUS: PRE-PRODUCTION RELEASE DATE: TBC Jake, William two brothers in their fifties, along with Jake’s wife Sarah. They are on a car journey to scatter the brother’s late mother’s ashes. As their car breaks down in the wilderness, frustration consumes Jake, sparking a heated argument with William, while Sarah desperately tries to restore peace and […]

  • Approved for Release

    Approved for Release

    STATUS: PRE-PRODUCTION RELEASE DATE: TBC Melissa, a young psychic, takes part in a groundbreaking CIA experiment that involves remote viewing Mars in 1984. Fast forward to 2020. Mysterious monoliths start appearing around the world and people begin vanishing, Melissa’s unique abilities become crucial in unraveling the inter-dimensional crisis. Together with the British Prime Minister, she […]

  • The Ticket

    The Ticket

    STATUS: PRE-PRODUCTION RELEASE DATE: TBC Harry, an ex-dustbin man, stumbles upon a locked holdall while rummaging through bins on his housing estate. Inside the bag, he discovers money, old children’s workbooks, and a ticket to an exclusive members club. Intrigued, Harry attends the club where he meets Pipp and is introduced to the enigmatic host, […]

  • The Painting

    The Painting

    STATUS: PRE-PRODUCTION RELEASE DATE: TBC Henry, a struggling art student who answers an ad for a painting renovation job. he receives the painting along with specific instructions to keep a candle burning near it at all times, recite a chant before working on it, keep it covered, and not let anyone see it until it’s […]

  • The Passport

    The Passport

    STATUS: PRE-PRODUCTION RELEASE DATE: TBC On his way to an important business trip from London to New York, Larry Baxter encounters a strange man named Foster in the airport who claims to have been following him for days. Foster then drops Larry a bombshell. As the reality of the situation sinks in, Foster convinces Larry […]

  • The Armchair

    The Armchair

    STATUS: PRE-PRODUCTION RELEASE DATE: TBC A middle aged couple move into a new house and discover an old armchair about to be taken away by the moving men. Quincy decides to buy the armchair from the moving man, which sets up a domino effect of weird occurrences connected to the armchair that begin to spiral […]

  • The Radio

    The Radio

    STATUS: PRE-PRODUCTION RELEASE DATE: TBC In the heart of a hospital cancer ward, a young man named Hugh McGraw is battling leukemia. His days are filled with the grueling rigors of treatment, but he finds solace in assisting another disabled patient in the same ward. One day, as he helps his new friend, the patient […]

  • Death Box

    Death Box

    STATUS: PRE-PRODUCTION RELEASE DATE: TBC Death Box is the follow up episode from ‘The Bluey’. Drew, who is now extremely tormented as a result of his singular encounter with Vishan Blake’s spirit, decides to track down her perpetrator. Drew agrees to use a “death box” mentioned in the journal of Felix Bardwell, a former patient […]

  • The Bluey

    The Bluey

    STATUS: PRE-PRODUCTION RELEASE DATE: TBC A young guy named Drew Bunton is playing knock down ginger with his friends when a certain door opens to his knock to reveal a bicycle in the doorway of a mansion. Drew begins to suspect the bike has been bewitched when he begins hearing voices and begins to think […]