The Medal Trailer

Horror short film ‘The Medal’ trailer 2013. Set in the dark and murky world of Inner City London. Anthony, a young kid, forced to live at home with his mum’s abusive boyfriend as she struggles to work two jobs finds his only refuge with his friends.

Anthony invariably comes across George, seemingly living rough and just trying to merely get his head down for the night, he’s a war hero who still proudly wears his medals.

After his friends attack him, Anthony takes the medals for himself, a powerful symbol of achieved manhood he couldn’t give up the chance to have them. But it’s this direct action that triggers horrifying dreams that soon break out from his sleeping state and start appearing in his waking reality, with the true causes hidden from us all up until the very end.


Ant (played by) Justin ‘Ultra’ Edwards.

George (played by) Brian Deacon, 1970’s Horror icon from ‘Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense’, Jesus, ‘Triple Echo’, ‘Bug’s’, ‘Doctors’.

Lucy (played by) Heater Wright, Cult horror ‘Inseminoid’, Nickelodeon films ‘Angus Thongs and Snogging’.

Antiques Dealer (played by) Paul Wingrove, ‘The Windsors’ (TV Series) ‘Autopsy: The Last Hours of Karen Carpenter’ (TV Series).

John (played by) James Brennan, ‘Countdown to Murder’: Channel 5 (TV Series) playing convicted real life killer George Maben.

Supporting Cast: NJ Parkin, Joshua Joseph, Kyle Edwards, George Barnes, Chico Kadri.


Director: Leo Baker, Rory Crilly, Barry Williams, Pedro Rudolphi

Written by: Simon K. Parker

Cinematography: Leo Baker, John Raggett, Ronalds Mezmacs, Rory Crilly

Post Production: Leo Baker, Mark Brown, Rory Crilly

Camera Assistant: Stephen Ologeh, Oliver Renshaw

Makeup SFX: Emma & Olga Galeone, Debra Hawkins

Music Score: Ben Hayter

Visual Effects: Michael Tannock

Sound Recordist: Ade Lawrence, Ajani Lawrence

Pre-Visualizationt: Fan Zhang

Producer: Arran Wood, Leo Baker, Mark Brown, Rory Crilly, A Parkin