Darkness of Night


In the heart of a dead-end housing estate in Kentish Town, North London, twenty-three-year-old Joshua yearns to break free from the clutches of crime and the relentless rat race. Trapped within the suffocating walls, he shares a somber existence with his older cousin Jade. Haunted by the tragic death of his mother Ruby, which was shrouded in mystery when he was just three years old, and the enigmatic vanishing of his beloved father Ivan, Joshua’s yearning for a different life grows stronger. His quest takes an unexpected turn when a sinister figure named Addison presents him with a war medal, stirring a deep desire within Joshua to restore his family’s honor. Oblivious to the curse surrounding the artifact, he embarks on a perilous journey, determined to find Ivan and unravel the secrets that surround his father’s disappearance. As Joshua delves deeper into the shadows, teetering on the edge of his sanity, he unearths the truth that may either liberate him from his past or consume him entirely.


Joshua (played by) Aliaano El-Ali

Jade (played by) To Be Announced

Ivan (played by) To Be Announced

Addison (played by) To Be Announced

Skyler (played by) To Be Announced

Maisie (played by) To Be Announced

Blake (played by) To Be Announced


Director: Kaleb Roe and Patricio Meneses-Carrington

Written by: Leo Baker, Patricio Meneses-Carrington

Music Score: Lore Beak and Don Skeleton