Tag: Horror

  • The Banshee

    The Banshee

    STATUS: PRE-PRODUCTION RELEASE DATE: TBC In the moonlit Halloween night, a group of Trick or Treaters visit the aging house of Mary, an elderly woman with a spooky story to tell. Mary recounts a chilling tale from her own childhood, set in 1949, in a remote Irish farmhouse on Halloween night. Her family’s gathering around…

  • Models Wanted

    Models Wanted

    STATUS: PRE-PRODUCTION RELEASE DATE: TBC Dakota and Mimi, two exceptionally talented teenagers, find themselves scouted by a prominent fashion agency in London, propelling them into the exciting world of fashion modeling. As they embark on this thrilling journey, their friendship faces the challenges of jealousy and insecurity. Dakota relentlessly pursues his aspirations amidst the irresistible…