The Armchair


Wendy, a kind-hearted grandmother in her 80s, and her grandson Quincy, who still carries the weight of his wife Beth’s recent passing, embark on a bold new chapter in their lives, fuelled by the hope of creating a nurturing environment for Quincy’s baby. With the assistance of Keith, a compassionate estate agent renowned for finding homes in tranquil neighbourhoods, they take the plunge in search of healing and solace. However, their journey takes a harrowing turn when they come into possession of an enigmatic armchair left behind by the previous occupants of their new flat. This seemingly innocuous piece of furniture becomes the epicentre of chilling and inexplicable events, forcing Wendy and Quincy to confront their deepest fears while they unravel the sinister secrets entwined with their newfound stability.


Wendy (played by) To Be Announced

Quincy (played by) To Be Announced

Removal Man (played by) To Be Announced

Alice (played by) To Be Announced

Puritians (played by) To Be Announced


Director: Kaleb Roe and Patricio Meneses-Carrington

Written by: Leo Baker, Patricio Meneses-Carrington

Music Score: Lore Beak and Don Skeleton