Tag: Slow Burn

  • The Armchair

    The Armchair

    STATUS: PRE-PRODUCTION RELEASE DATE: TBC A middle aged couple move into a new house and discover an old armchair about to be taken away by the moving men. Quincy decides to buy the armchair from the moving man, which sets up a domino effect of weird occurrences connected to the armchair that begin to spiral […]

  • The Passport

    The Passport

    STATUS: PRE-PRODUCTION RELEASE DATE: TBC On his way to an important business trip from London to New York, Larry Baxter encounters a strange man named Foster in the airport who claims to have been following him for days. Foster then drops Larry a bombshell. As the reality of the situation sinks in, Foster convinces Larry […]

  • The Estate Agent

    The Estate Agent

    An Estate Agent receives a call that builders have stopped work at a property. The Agent promptly investigates to find the cause. During lockdown we made a very short Supernatural film for you. Due to Covid restrictions, we had no cast or crew. Incredibly, just two people were involved in making this short film, undertaking […]

  • The Medal Trailer

    The Medal Trailer

    Horror short film ‘The Medal’ trailer 2013. Set in the dark and murky world of Inner City London. Anthony, a young kid, forced to live at home with his mum’s abusive boyfriend as she struggles to work two jobs finds his only refuge with his friends. Anthony invariably comes across George, seemingly living rough and […]

  • Water By The Spoonful

    Water By The Spoonful

    Actor, Director and Producer Jon Gutierrez’s first video in the monologue challenge early 2019. This one is from Quiara Alegria Hudes’ Pulitzer Prize-winning play, Water By the Spoonful. CREW Director: Jon Gutierrez Cinematography: Leo Baker

  • Tenant


    Filmed in 1999 on Mini DV format. This Urban Psychological short film thriller about a landlord and tenant. Marc Booth producer of ‘Bullet Boy’ starring Ashley Waters. He said “Bring me the feature film script and I’ll produce it”. Also Tenant got 2nd place on The Black Shorts Award in 1999. CAST Landlord: Krishna Williams […]